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>On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Lucy Mackintosh wrote:
> >Hello.  I have a smug announcement to make.  Last month I got to hear 
> >Wynne Jones reading from her yet to be published book, which is a sort of
> >sequel to The Dark Lord of Derkholm (as she out, as much as she ever 
> >sequels).  Sounding fun, in much the way that Dark Lord of Derkholm is 
> >(not my favourite by any means, but I still wouldn't be without it).
>Gosh, were you at Wincon too then or did she do a reading somewhere
>else? If the former, we may well have met.
>I agree, the sequel did sound lots of fun (though I haven't yet read
>Dark Lord so I don't know how it compares).

I've gone bright green with envy.  I wanted to go to Wincon but my husband 
wanted to go to a history reconstruction event and the Mother in Law was in 
the country and events conspired.



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