New book?

cme at MIT.EDU cme at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 13 23:04:46 EDT 1999

My boyfriend having finished Deep Secret (he loved it! <smirk>) and
having started on the Tough Guide, he picked up my copy of Deep Secret
to check for a sappy dedication to a family member.  We didn't find
one, but we did notice something odd...  I have a hardcover edition,
which, on this side of the puddle, is published by Tor.  On the "other
books by the author" page, there are only three books: The Tough Guide
(my copy of which, at least, was printed (poorly) by Daw), A Sudden
Wild Magic, and a third that I had never heard of called Minor Arcana.
Is this the new book that hasn't yet come out that was mentioned in
the last few posts?  Is it totally common, causing my lack of
knowledge about it to be proof that I am a genuine nerd who lives
under a rock?  Is it not avaiable on this side of the puddle?

Courtney (Courteney, Courtenay, Courtnay... all pronounced the same
way... and reputedly an androgenous name as well!  And we won't go
into how many ways my last name can be spelled/misspelled

And my copy of Deep Secret is a hadcover printed on acid-free
paper... so there. :) <smug>
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