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Deirdre Behan dbehan at
Mon Sep 13 16:04:56 EDT 1999

I bought Time of the Ghost last year in Ireland. It was a MacMillan book and it
has a hideous Point Horror style cover. I also got Power of Three at the same
time, same publisher, same horrible type cover. They should still be available
though I haven't seen any copies in Dublin bookshops for a while.

I'm looking forward to the new DWJ though I only got Darklord a few months ago
courtesy of the list. I am in major withdrawal for the new Lois McMaster Bujold
. I had never heard of her until I discovered her on the list a fortnight ago.
I  have only been able to get three of her books : Memory, Komarr and Barrayar,
which is fortunate because I did nothing the week I got them but devour them.
Luckily I got some contract work this week and have no time to worry about Miles

Deirdre, whom this list is leading terribly astray

Deirdre Behan

Lucy Mackintosh wrote:

> Elise wrote:
> [snip]
> > P.s. Is Time of the Ghost in print and/or available in the U.K. or
> >elsewhere?
> Websites for Blackwells ( ), Heffers
> ( and Waterstones ( all say it's out
> of print.  Heffers nevertheless lets you add one edition to your shopping
> trolley.  That edition is marked 1996, so it may be that it's be re-issued
> relatively recently and gone out of print again.  I'd swear blind I've seen
> a new edition in the shops in the last couple of years or so.
> Lucy
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