Maps and sense of place

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>> I would argue that people still don't have much of a sense of space. It
>> has been shown that most people only create the 'mental maps', (which
>> discussed in an earlier post). These show the relative location of
>> or places, with the scale being distorted all over depending on the
>I'll certainly go along with that.  My mental maps tend to force things
>straight lines and right angles.  Inside buildings, I often forget the
>of direction involved in entering and leaving the lift (elevator).
I firmly believe that all towns are laid out in a nice, neat grid pattern.
In England this tends to lead to serious navigational errors.  And I tend to
believe that whatever direction I'm travelling in is North (on the grounds
that it points straight ahead like the Nroth arrow on a map.

Lucy (Mackintosh, Macintosh, McIntosh, Mackingtosh ... Mackingtosh??)

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