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> spelled, although my surname causes people all kinds of troubles. It's
> dreadful when someone introduces me to 200 kids as "Sally Odd - gers" (hard
> "G") and repeats it several times before I get a chance to tell them gently
> that actually, it's "Odd - jers" (soft "G"). I've also suffered "Horton",
> "Orchard" and "Odgera"!

[I actually know someone called Sally Horton]

Don't worry.  You're not alone.  I don't get my surname mispronounced, but I get
it mis-spelt often enough.

Belbin (family legend - on our side of the family anyway - has it that this
quite numerous family is descended from an illegitimate son of a Belben),
Belbran (which appeared in the phone book and ran for two editions despite my
complaints), Belden, Benben, Belbon, Bellman, Belker and even Melbourne have
been observed...

Philip (Belben)

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