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Mon Sep 13 10:58:21 EDT 1999

	Alexandra wrote:

	"As to Sredni Vashtar--good heavens, yes!  it certainly does remind
one of
> the Time of the Ghost, now that you mention it!"
	I definitely recommend Saki, who I had never read before last month.
I tend to avoid short stories because I often feel that, well, they are too
long. But not Saki, who is clever, funny, often off the wall and blessedly
short.  Also they are all about a not so long ago vanished time and place,
which gives them a weird flavor of like/not-like life.  Very re-readable
too, which I always like and I expect others probably do too.

	Spoilers for Sredni Vashtar and Time of the Ghost:
	But onward. In Sredni Vashtar a neglected little boy invents a god
to worship.  It's a very Gorey Ghastly kind of story.  In Time of the Ghost
(spoilers spoilers)  that bit is all over with and we come in during the
repercussions.  But it made me wonder what they invented Monigan worship
*for* in the first place, not that a game needs a purpose but...

	I just loved Time of the Ghost.  I've never read anything that
reminded me so much of real life. Like the boys doing Ministry of Silly
Walks - lol!  Although in my neighborhood they tended to do the Three
Stooges much more.  And the part where they use classical sources to
determine how to get a ghost to speak to them - it's just the thing that
would send adults screaming - but can a grown-up really argue with a kid's
desire to read classical authors?  You just never really know what someone
is going to take away from a  book.   It reminded me of how I read a certain
book one summer and no one raised an eyebrow (except maybe at my ambition)
because of how scholarly the Penguin edition looked, and really the author
was the scurrilous, scandalous, eye-popping gossip-monger of ancient Rome.
I've deleted the author's name on the grounds of fair play.  If any young
person wants to find it (I know I would have, can't deny it) then you will
have to look in to a number of classical roman authors and who knows what
interesting things, other than Mr. Scandal, you might find.


	P.s. Is Time of the Ghost in print and/or available in the U.K. or
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