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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Sun Sep 12 18:54:07 EDT 1999

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999 12:29:13 +0100, Lucy Mackintosh wrote:

>Hello.  I have a smug announcement to make.  Last month I got to hear Diana
>Wynne Jones reading from her yet to be published book, which is a sort of
>sequel to The Dark Lord of Derkholm (as she out, as much as she ever writes
>sequels).  Sounding fun, in much the way that Dark Lord of Derkholm is fun
>(not my favourite by any means, but I still wouldn't be without it).
>The smugness withers somewhat, however, when I remember that she said that
>it will be published in USA first so lots of you will get to read it before
>I do.

<lots of smug laughter from this side of the fishpond, promptly muffled in
the spirit of list togetherness>

>Which reminds me, if anyone out there is as tedious as I'm going to have to
>own up to being here, and has wondered why the gay boys from the wine shop
>in the hardback Hexwood became just boys in the paperback, I asked Diana
>Wynne Jones and she said that there were objections and she had to change it
>From Waterstones, I think she said, but I may have got that quite wrong.

It's still the gay boys in the US paperback, for what it's worth.

Melissa Proffitt
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