Troubles with one's names

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Sun Sep 12 18:46:34 EDT 1999

My maiden name was Ding.  My married name is Preisig.  I have gone from a
name that no-one will believe to a name no-one can pronounce or spell.

And would you believe that there was not only another Kylie Ding in Western
Australia when I was growing up, but there are two more Kylie Preisigs
running around the place?  With names like that you think I'd be unique!

On the Ding name: once my sister rang up and tried to order pizza, and when
she gave her name the Italian guy on the phone got awfully offended because
he thought she was having a go at him!

Ob DWJ bit - I do a search regularly on usenet for articles about DWJ.
Quite regularly I find I have missed the start of a really interesting
discussion because someone completely mangled the spelling of her name, and
it took while for someone to correct it.  

Also I keep seeing her books being shelved under W!

who sometimes thinks falling in love with a guy called Smith or Jones would
have been more sensible...

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