Critical work on Diana Wynne Jones, and essays by her

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Subject: Critical work on Diana Wynne Jones, and essays by her

>Hi all,
>I'm compiling a list of articles by or about Diana.  I'd like to
>claim that this is for the web page, and it will end up there,
>but actually it's prepatory work for my thesis.  ;) Here's what
>I've got so far.  "*" means I haven't read it yet, so it might be
>just a review, and not an article at all.  I also know of various
>online interviews and autobiographical sketches, most of which
>are very similar to the piece in _Something about the Author_,
>and a couple of articles in "Charmed Lives", the online fanzine.
>Does anyone know of anything else?  I'm interested in articles by
>or about DWJ, as well as significant mention in any larger work
>(significant mention meaning somewhat more that "Jones does this
>too, in the following works").  Most particularly, I'm afraid
>what I've got is primarily US articles, and I'm sure there must
>be plenty more in other English-speaking countries.
>- Article on writing for children, in _The Medusa_, posted on the
>  web page.
>- "The State of Narrative in _The Lord of the Rings_", in a
>  couple of short story collections
>- "The Heroic Ideal -- A Personal Odyssey", from _The Lion & the
>  Unicorn, v.13 no.1, 1989 June
>- _Something About the Author_ Sketch.
>- "Beneath the surface with Fungus the Bogeyman -- A vaccine for
>  future shock" in Rahn, Suzanne.  _Rediscoveries in Children's
>  Literature_.  Garland Pub, 1995.  *
>- Stephens, John, _Language and Ideology in Children's Fiction_.
>  (Discussions of various DWJ, focusing on _Castle in the Air_).
>- Tuttle, Lisa, "The Magic of Diana Wynne Jones", in Jones,
>  Stephen (ed.), _Fantasycon X_, 6-8 September 1985. *
>- Perry, Evelyn, "The ever-Vigilant Hero: Revaluing the Tale of
>  Tam Lin", in _Children's Folklore Review_, v.19 no.2 1997
>  Spring. * (discusses Fire and Hemlock)
>- Kondratiev, Alexei, "Tales Newly Told: A Column on Current
>  Modern Fantasy", in _Mythlore_, v.19 no.2, 1993 Spring. *
>  (discusses A Sudden Wild Magic)
>- Spraggs, Gilliam, "True Dreams: The Fantasy Fiction of Diana
>  Wynne Jones", in _Use of English_, v.34 no.3, 1983 Summer.  *
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Sorry for the late response.  I'm assuming you've seen the very brief
article in the Encyclopaedia of Fantasy?  She also wrote some of the
articles in the book, including a longish one on magic.


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