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Lucy Mackintosh lucy.mackintosh at
Sun Sep 12 07:29:13 EDT 1999

Hello.  I have a smug announcement to make.  Last month I got to hear Diana
Wynne Jones reading from her yet to be published book, which is a sort of
sequel to The Dark Lord of Derkholm (as she out, as much as she ever writes
sequels).  Sounding fun, in much the way that Dark Lord of Derkholm is fun
(not my favourite by any means, but I still wouldn't be without it).

The smugness withers somewhat, however, when I remember that she said that
it will be published in USA first so lots of you will get to read it before
I do.

A few other things.  Sorry; I have no idea who said what when so I can't
reply specifically to particular postings.

I can't believe any reviewer could claim that Diana Wynne Jones' books are
poor in comparison to the Harry Potter books.  Although having said that, I
love Harry Potter.  Thank you to whoever described them as predominantly
school stories - that's always how I've seen them, rather than fantasy (yes,
I know trying to pigeonhole is risky).  They're all very 'Play up,
Gryffindor!'  Was it you who also likes Antonia Forest?  Fancy meeting you

And as for meeting fellow Alison Bechdel readers... most unexpected.

Which reminds me, if anyone out there is as tedious as I'm going to have to
own up to being here, and has wondered why the gay boys from the wine shop
in the hardback Hexwood became just boys in the paperback, I asked Diana
Wynne Jones and she said that there were objections and she had to change it
>From Waterstones, I think she said, but I may have got that quite wrong.


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