poll which is far too full of washing

Lucy Mackintosh lucy.mackintosh at virgin.net
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I've seen it as sort of generic fairy tale, 'Once upon a time' style to go
with the seven league boots, magical cloaks, etc...  And of course, to go
Sophie's beliefs in her inability to seek her fortune as the eldest.
Working on the assumption that the style is being gently subverted (Sophie
can seek a fortune, seven league boots are somewhat impractical in reality
and still land you in cowpats), I shall now go and see if any of the chapter
headings also do this...

No.  Not really.  That'll teach me.  Though I suppose 'In which Howl
expresses his feelings in green slime' might count.

In answer to a long ago question/comment, I don't think Howl is a university
student - he told Miss Angorian that he'd done his doctoral thesis on charms
and spells.

Apologies if I'm not making any real sense.  I initially saved all the
emails to this list as a treat.  then it started to get too big for a treat
and became daunting instead.  Then I decided I had to read it or leave
(second option unthinkable, of course), so I've read something like 800
postings in the last couple of weeks and can no longer think straight.  Not
helped, I might add, by you lot's tendency to post so much that every time I
though I was catching up an even bigger amount arrived to fill the small
dent I'd made to overflowing.  Still, only the rest of the answers to this
question (see, Deborah, no cheating) and whatever else is waiting for me
when I log on and I'm done.


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Subject: poll which is far too full of washing

>I'd like to ask folks' opinions about the style of the Howl's
>Moving Castle table of contents:
>  Chapter 1: In which Sophie talks to hats
>  etc...
>Did the "In which" style conjure up any specific images for you?
>Any particular books?  Particular genre or age?  Was it
>completely unfamiliar?  How did you react to it?
>I want to know your original reactions, so no fair seeing someone
>else's response and claiming it as your own.  <grin>
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