poll which is far too full of washing

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Sep 11 13:12:10 EDT 1999

Ok, Deborah, I think you owe us.  Personally, I came up with a hunh
reaction, followed by enlightenment when I gave up and read the other
answers and found Winnie the Pooh.  Oh, of course!  Then during Cara's
reading time (she's my 9 year old), my eyes kept straying irresistibly to
the two bookcases conveniently located on either side of me.  The Phantom
Tollbooth?  No.  Just-So Stories?  No.  Poor Cara.

Then yesterday I just happened to find myself in the book-stores in town
(ahem), and ended up in the classics section, again looking for something
anyone else here might have missed.  Ha.  Gulliver's Travel?  No.
Meanwhile, I had a horrible moment in Waterstone's (which I've always found
to be quite good about stocking DWJ) when I saw that they had come out with
Waterstone's Recommends books for both children's and science-fiction, and
neither included DWJ.  The horror.

THEN, this morning I found that someone on my other list (another kid lit
author list) had written that her personal verdict was that DWJ "does not
have the depth that the HPbooks do (the villains are all completely
malicious as a given, without any reason or shading).  Plus she repeats
elements too much".  Well, the howl that arose from this house could
probably have been heard in Wales!  Of course I had to sit down and write a
long, long reply.  I tried to be restrained and calm.  In fact, I think it
may have been like Mr. Darcy's letter - it may have begun in bitterness of
spirit, but the adieu was charity itself.  I hope.

So, if Deborah doesn't owe me, the multiverse does.  But I'd be satisfied
with Deborah telling us what exactly she had in mind when she started that
little poll.  Concern that we hadn't enough to think about with Merlin
parallels in Aunt Maria, Crime and Punishment themes and Celtic bases
discussions going on? I don't think so.

Hallie - who doesn't mind being called Holly or Sally, but doesn't like
Hayley at all, and really objects to Hilly/Hillie.   Hillie??? I ask you.

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