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Fri Sep 10 16:39:38 EDT 1999

	PhiLip said:
> >Goodness pnly knows.  After all, I put an extra L in Melissa! (which
> means I
> >can't even complain about the one or two people who put an extra L in
> Philip.
> >Rats.)  Sorry, Melissa.
> That's okay, Phillip.  I mean, Philip.  :)
> Melissa Proffitt
> (I'd rather you misspelled my name than call me Michelle, which judging by
> the number of people who call me that by mistake is the name I was
> destined
> for)
Every time we had a substitute teacher, I sat in dread as he/she ran down
the absentee list because I knew that, without fail, they would reach my
name, pause and say, "Elsie McMillan? Is Elsie McMillan here?"  Every time.
Guffaws and snickers.  I just wanted to share ;)

They *are* smart, aren't they? I gaze in awe into the ether at all the
interesting folks on this list. 

Back toward the topic, did someone mention a while ago that Time of the
Ghost reminded them of the short story by Saki - Sredni Vashtar?  I vaguely
seem to think someone did. I happened to read them both concurrently and
wanted to mention it.  If it didn't remind anyone else, it did me.

On another note, there is a British author who does these slim little
regencies and (I personally believe it's the same person anyway) these slim
little mysteries.  She has many moments of wonderful comedy reminiscent of
Georgette Heyer.  The romances are under the name Marion Chesney and the
mysteries are under M.C. Beaton.  

And on yet another note, I would recommend Mark Twain, especially to the
folks who enjoy both dwj and the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card
(which I recommend in any case).  He was one funny guy.  And there is an
almost scifi connection there, as Twain/Clemens was friends with Nicola
Tesla, originator of many fantastical things, the most common of which is AC

Ah, back to the salt mines.

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