Spoiler on Black Maria and other things (was: Re: pollwhichis far too full of washing)

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Fri Sep 10 10:06:47 EDT 1999

Extra L! Oops!

Never mind Philip. I perpetuated the mistake. Sorry, Melissa. As for
Philip, I'll try not to transgress. At least my first name is rarely miss
spelled, although my surname causes people all kinds of troubles. It's
dreadful when someone introduces me to 200 kids as "Sally Odd - gers" (hard
"G") and repeats it several times before I get a chance to tell them gently
that actually, it's "Odd - jers" (soft "G"). I've also suffered "Horton",
"Orchard" and "Odgera"! 

And, to drag this back on topic; How is "Mari" in HOWL pronounced? Is it
like Mary? The only time I've heard this name pronounced is in a scratchy
old LP recording belonging to my aprents; it's a Scottish song calles
"Mari's Wedding" and the singer has such a strong accent I can't tell
(above the crackles, pops and ponks of the old vinyl) just what the vowel
sound should be.


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