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Fri Sep 10 09:22:52 EDT 1999

>From: Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com>

>On Thu, 09 Sep 1999 16:24:49 BST, Helen Scott wrote:
> >...the ending seemed to me to be rather similar also.  ie, Black Maria 
> >imprisoned in a box and sent to sea while Chesney was imprisoned in a
> >bubble.  Both of which had their own universe running.  (I may have got 
> >details wrong, it's hot and I haven't read them for a while!)
> >

>I was thinking exactly the same thing.  The impression I got was that DWJ 
>saying there are some people you just can't change and killing them 
>be enough of a punishment.  Not that DWJ ever makes political statements
>about capital punishment--that's not what I mean.  But when you're talking
>about Ultimate Justice, living can be more of a punishment.
>Well, and that's not quite right either.  Because for both Chesney and Aunt
>Maria, they're the sort of person who would live in denial rather than 
>that they're wrong and that they LOST.  Putting them away like that isn't a
>punishment; it's the only way to keep them from coming back or starting 
>somewhere else--because you just know that neither of them thought they 
>doing anything wrong, or else they thought that their actions would have
>been wrong for anyone but THEM.

I've just remembered that the same thing happened in an episode of Star Trek 
The Next Generation where a holographic Moriarty was put in a mini universe 
because that was the only way they could handle him without wiping him out 
which would have been wrong.

A possible coincidence???


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