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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Sep 9 17:49:59 EDT 1999

Nat wrote:
>I think the responses kind of made my point... there are all sorts of
>fantasies using Wales and Welsh as their basis, but relatively few Scots
>Gaelic, Cornish or Manx ones.

Oh, that's what you were looking for!  In that case...um... well...
Actually, Becca came up with one set in Cornwall: _Wise Child_ by Monica
Furlong.  It's a good book too - witchcraft of the nice kind, and lots of
herbs.  There are also a few by Rosemary Manning (Green Smoke and Dragon's
Quest, I think are the titles of two of them), about a dragon living in
Cornwall.  Those are for younger readers, though.

I can think of lots of historical books set in Scotland, but the only one
that comes to mind which would qualify as fantasy is _Quest for a Maid_, by
Frances Mary Hendry.  It brings in the character Sir Patrick Spens (hands
up everyone who learned they hadna sail'd a league, a league...), and
witchcraft (of the nasty variety) and has a great opening sentence!
Actually her first book _Quest for a Kelpie_ is good too, and was set in
Scotland, but it suffered for me by comparison, as I read it after the

hallieod at indigo.ie

On a completely tangential note, in p.s.  - back to Elise's music reminding
one of books - we have a song by Silly Wizard called "Wha'll Be King but
Charlie" which is one of those totally incomprehensible Scots dialect
things, with a very stirring rebel tone. It always makes me snigger now,
remembering the King in _Dido and Pa_ introducing himself as "Davie Jamie
Charlie Neddie Georgie Harry Dick Tudor-Stuart".
Maybe you have to have been there.

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