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Thu Sep 9 16:24:49 EDT 1999

>From: deborah <deborah at suberic.net>
>I'd like to ask folks' opinions about the style of the Howl's
>Moving Castle table of contents:
>   Chapter 1: In which Sophie talks to hats
>   etc...
>Did the "In which" style conjure up any specific images for you?
>Any particular books?  Particular genre or age?  Was it
>completely unfamiliar?  How did you react to it?

I liked the style.  It gave me something to think about before reading the 
chapter but not too much or too obscure like the quotes above Fire and 
Hemlocks chapters.  It didn't conjure up any particular images but it adds 
to the feel of the book in a below conscious kind of way.

I'm probably stating the obvious because everyone is always mentioning 
things I've never thought of but... the tv series Friends names its episodes 
in the same kind of way: "The one with..."

>I want to know your original reactions, so no fair seeing someone
>else's response and claiming it as your own.  <grin>

How can I help but peek!!!


By the way, I haven't found a copy of Changover but I did run accross a 
spare of Wilkins' Tooth!

Also by the way... It's taken me THREE whole hours of WORKS time (grin) to 
read all the posts that appeared while I was off on two weeks holiday.  
OMIGOD!  And that was only scanning them for gist!

Damn, I should think before I start to type.  I meant to mention to the 
person (who I've forgotten) who was comparing the character of Black Maria 
to Chesney from Dark Lord of Derkholm that...


...the ending seemed to me to be rather similar also.  ie, Black Maria was 
imprisoned in a box and sent to sea while Chesney was imprisoned in a 
bubble.  Both of which had their own universe running.  (I may have got some 
details wrong, it's hot and I haven't read them for a while!)

I've definately finished now.

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