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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Thu Sep 9 10:10:25 EDT 1999

	deborah asked:
	"Did the "In which" style conjure up any specific images for you?
> Any particular books?  Particular genre or age?  Was it
> completely unfamiliar?  How did you react to it?"
	I'd seen it before in various places, but especially I think in 19th
century mega-novels and some 19th non-fiction,  and 18th century precursors.
Don't ask me which ones because I've no idea.  And then I feel I've seen it
sometimes in more modern books that are harkening back in style or in story.
When I was younger I felt biased toward a book from the start if it had
those descriptive paragraph teasers or summaries (it can be both, can't
it?).  Just calling it "Chapter 12" seemed so dull and unimaginative.  And
since I know I felt that way, then I must have come across a respectable
number of books that used that technique in the "children's" and "young
adult" section. I also welcomed the occasional illustration but I guess
that's a different question  :)

	The Mystical Beast had those chapter teasers...
	and the occasional illustration.

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