Welsh, an introduction.

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Wed Sep 8 17:52:33 EDT 1999

Hallie sneezed:

> (Also from the glossary:  denotes surprise or dismay).
> Doesn't the word "crwth" just prove Elise's theory?"
	Crwth? Crwth?  Hwchw??  Gesundheit!   We may never learn the true
history of the bloody Vowel Wars, never know how many lives were thrown into
the balance on behalf of the letter 'o.'  Clearly a bitter struggle must
have occurred, just the same.  It's a sad loss to history.  Could we ever
understand the bitter disillusionment of the troops when the officers told
them they were to fight that day for a silent 'e'? Or the riots when the
'u's were rationed?

	But seriously, now that I look at 'w' as a vowel, it makes it all
look more understandable.

	Hmm, I read the whispering mountain a few years ago - it doesn't
stick in my mind too well.  I see I'm going to have to spend a lot of time
in the children's and young adult's sections - which is fine because I
missed them in my late teens when I felt too self-conscious to hang around
in there.  Now I can masquerade as a mom or just walk about brazenly.  Last
time, two twelve-ish boys laughed scoffingly at my presence in their domain.
It's always a shock when you first realize how you've irretrievably lost
your credibility with certain segments of the population.  Plus ca

	Phil A.'s attempts to pronounce welsh - hilarious!  Looked like
welsh to me as well.  I approach that welsh online class with utmost

	Oh, ugh have to go be serious and think of serious things
	Night all!
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