DWJ and Worldcon

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at qed.qld.gov.au
Tue Sep 7 21:21:00 EDT 1999

I have just returned from the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne,
which was great fun.

DWJ was mentioned on a couple of the panels I went to, and only once by me
:)  The first instance was on a "how do you define SF?" kind of panel, and
the discussion was about why books get shelved where in bookshops.  I was
inspired by the recent discussions about covers on this list and (very
bravely) stuck my hand up and commented that the cover has a big influence.

The second mention was in an "epic fantasy" type panel, and someone asked
the panel of writers (the most famous of which was George R. R. Martin),
whether they has read the Tough Guide, and if so did they look at their own
work and cringe?  Most of them looked embarrassed and several admitted that
yes, they did indeed cringe.

Also a number of enterprising booksellers in the dealers room had _A Civil
Campaign_ for sale, and there were a huge amount of people sitting all over
the con reading it.  Liz, Sandy was one of them, so hassle her for a loan.

And I picked up a signed hardback copy of _Minor Arcana_ for only $22 and
posters of my all time favourite book cover art (_The Snow Queen_ and _The
Summer Queen_, artwork by Michael Whelan).

All in all, an excellent con!

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