And Yet Another Newcomer

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Tue Sep 7 15:24:01 EDT 1999

Alexandra wrote:
	"I'm still astounded at the sheer frequency of yells of delight and
recognition that
> I was plaguing my family with; and once or twice, concerned family members
> came up to check that I was chortling and not choking (as in the
> description of the wilted grilled cheese sandwiches, or Terry Brooks'
> (ab)use of circumlocution)."
	I know!  I still can't get over so many having read Perilous Gard
and Georgette Heyer.  

	"Now, a year later, I've feasted my way through almost all DWJ
books, and dread
> the moment when there will be no more DWJ to read for the first time."
	Yes, but they hold up *so well* to re-reading.  I'm listening to the
Charmed Life audiotape on my commute today - twenty years and it's still
awesome.  I love the voice T. Robinson uses to do Mr. Baslam, particularly.
Deborah, I'm going to go through soon and select potential quotes - starting
with Charmed Life, methinks.

	And I never, ever read Time of the Ghost until this year. Never!
I'd long ago assumed I'd exhausted dwj first-reads, too. I was so wrong.
Now I think it may be high on the list of favorites. Well, they all are.

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