Black Maria and PC

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Tue Sep 7 12:08:51 EDT 1999

> I think that the title was changed in the US because few Americans are
familiar with the vehicle
> the black maria, and thus the title would be misleading.

Hmm.  I don't think many Brits are familiar with the vehicle, either.  I think
the title is a reference to a card game of that name (is this mentioned in the
text?  I think it may be...).  AFAIK the card game is one of the "hearts" family
- lose a lot if you capture the Queen of Spades ("Black Maria")

(FWIW the illustration on the front of Addams' book "Black Maria" is a vehicle
of that description alongside the Addams family)

> Of course, I'm also a raving tearing scawy liberal, and very tired of the
inane things attributed
> to political correctness. I fail to see the ludicrousness of careful

Careful nomenclature I don't object to.  What I object to is the lengths to
which it is taken.  For example, schools having to talk about the "chalk board"
instead of "blackboard" is (IMHO) a bit silly if the board really is that
colour, but if people are genuinely offended, I have no objection.  On the other
hand, I know a teacher who was told off for using the word "manufacture" because
it was sexist; with that sort of bogus political correctness I'm afraid I have
no patience at all.  My view (FWIW) is that political correctness shouldn't be
an issue - to draw attention to "incorrect" nomenclature which people use
innocently is to draw hostile attention to the groups whom careful nomenclature
is supposed to protect.

But then I'm a raving tearaway conservative.  Or something.  Raving, anyway.

Philip (who would hate to be sane in a world like this - it'd drive me mad!).

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