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Dear all  greetings and salutations!  I have been lurking via digest for a while but generally lacking the time to actually reply to any topic before I get a new digest  they are coming thick and fast these days.  Anyway, today I have been frivolously wasting my employers time by culling a whole bunch of digests to obtain a reading list as initiated by (I think) Antonia  so if anyone wants two pages of books and / or authors  animators - illustrators as recommended by the dwj list let me know.  Once upon a time I had the time to go to the library and browse  I love that thrill of finding a new author to adore, or a book by a favourite author you havent read yet.  My time is somewhat limited these days (says she having just spent the afternoon re-reading eight or so digests!) so having a list to work from is very exciting.  A few comments: 
A few people have mentioned dwjs complexity  what I have always loved about her works is that she assumes a thinking reader - rather than explaining everything (giving you a map, for instance!) she just tells you the story and lets you work out the details.  i know i liked this as a kid, when a lot of the stuff i was being given / told to read was very simplistic.  I have to admit it frustrates me occasionally  as with the F&H ending  but it also lends itself to different interpretations, and I think this is one of the reasons for the fact that I am still reading her books and identifying with the characters years after I first read them.  Since someone mentioned Shakespeare, one of my pet theories for his continued popularity is the fact that the plays are open to so many different interpretations.  You can support almost any theory concerning a Shakespeare play just from the text  as Ive noticed some of you doing with dwj.  ;)
I dont actually remember first reading dwj  I just know that Power of Three and Charmed Life have been on my bookshelf for ever.  They are still my favourites  although I often find that the last dwj I have read is my favourite!  I have to admit to feeling a lot like Nans friend from WW when she yells at the trendy girls something along the lines of dont you dare be in love with him - I saw him first and hes mine! about Chrestomanci (sorry  no text nearby!) Fortunately he is imaginary so we can all share him. :)
And, finally, since I am as obsessive about music as I am about books: Sarah McLachlan - I prefer her earlier albums but really  great lyrics, great voice, great piano.  What is not to obsess about?  Since Im on the subject I will also mention Tori Amos and The Whitlams (intelligent larrikin Australian band with the worlds sexiest male lead singer/ songwriter/ keyboard player).  On looking at that list I note they are all strong on lyrics but not necessarily on the fantasy element.  In fact, I like them coz they often reflect what I feel / think about my own life.  (well not all of Toris stuff!) Oh No - I have realist tendencies!  Dear me.  Anyway, I have to admit that this diversion arises more my evangelical zeal for these musicians than any link to dwj.  but someone did ask - my favourite reading conditions are in my hammock on the back lawn, in the sun, Sarah McLachlan playing, cold beer by my side.  in winter (_technically_ it is spring here in Australia but its sure not acting like it in my particular bit) i settle for the couch in front of the fire, or in bed under my down quilt.  

Gee this is long.  Id better do some work before someone notices.


Jane (BA Hons in  thats right  English.  Is there actually a statistically significant tendency toward English tertiary qualifications on this list or what?)

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