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Sat Sep 4 15:44:33 EDT 1999

Mary Ann wrote:
> I forget who posted, indicating her (or possibly his) discomfort with the
>between Polly and Tom when Polly was in her mid-teens. I empathize
strongly. When I >first read 
>_Fire and Hemlock_, I was simply bowled over by it. On the second or third
reading, >however, I 
>got creeped out-- *the more so that I had had a moderately romantic
relationship >with an adult 
>when I was 15-16* (see footnote * below if you're nosy, please). (I am
inveterately >nosy, 
>myself.) I came eventually to feel that What Girls are Like When Fifteen
is a very >intimate part 
>of what the novel is about. Indeed, this is made rather explicit. I agree
with Jones >that 15-
>year-old girls are Looking for Trouble, and I just wish they typically
found no more >than they 

Well, as a 15 year old I felt the need to say something. I don't think I'm
looking for trouble, but maybe I am without knowing it. I don't know! Life
is complicated. Other than that I can't add much to this discussion because
I havent read Fire and Hemlock (horrified gasp) because before coming upon
this list I didn't even know it existed. I've looked everywhere but I can't
find it. 

Anyways, chao!

Antonia who is enjoying the loooong weekend

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