Off Topic on Bad Books (Was RE: dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V 1 #70)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Sep 2 05:39:41 EDT 1999

 I met my match for badness last
>month when  I read the sequel to Silence of the Lambs.
Funny that.  Never read Silence or the Sequel (I avoid horror, generally,
and see that here I've managed to avoid another kind of horror entirely)
but my mother found an article in the Guardian (English paper) regarding
the book-page best-seller list in the Times (another English paper).  The
editor refused to put Harry Potter on her best-seller list, despite the
fact that it was outselling the dread sequel (no. 1 seller at the time) by
a factor of something like ten!  The editor squiffily said that despite
pressure from publishers, she was going to hold the line and keep HP in the
children's list, where it belonged.  I'm not a huge HP fan, but this was
still so infuriating.  I just longed for someone Really Important in the
Literary World to write in and tell her how deeply stupid she was (and
arrogant, and prejudiced, and "incorrigibly bad"!).

BTW, Elise, have you ever considered a second career as a Lit Crit?  I
think the world needs you!

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'On the other hand, the ealy worm gets eaten.'

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