How to start people off on DWJ [OT]

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Wed Sep 1 21:05:34 EDT 1999

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----------I was merely wondering if other people have had this dilemma, and
> their reading has helped them solve it...

I went from Mummy and Daddy in my early childhood through Mum and Dad in
later primary school to Ma and Pa in my teens and often Mother and Father
now... it's an evolution, rather than a conscious thing. I occasionally
find myself addressing them as Nan and Pa because that's what my (teenaged)
children say!  More difficult were the courtesy aunts and uncles we
collected. In my teens I felt silly saying "Auntie Claire" and "Uncle Ross"
to people who were no relation, and tried to change over to "Mr and Mrs
Bennet". That hurt their feelings, and they offered first names as an
alternative. I couldn't manage that though... it seemed disrespectful. In
some cases I compromised with Mr and Mrs D etc. 

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