Dead Can Dance and music

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Wed Sep 1 18:30:12 EDT 1999

	Becca said:

	"Oooh! Oooh! Me! (Becca here.)  I don't know which album of DCD it's
on, but
> my grandfather translated 'I am stretched on your grave' from the original
> Irish, and then someone turned it into a song. I quite enjoyed their
> music.
> It was different. And I like different. I like the background music, and I
> just *love* 'I am stretched on your grave.' I don't know why, because it's
> a bit spooky."
	No way - your grandfather translated that poem?   I found the poem
in my copy of Celtic Miscellany, a fantastic book. The Sinead O'Connor
version served as my introduction.  The lyrics are so stark and undisguised
- it's just so good. Yeehaa!

	jenwa said:
"i think i'd agree the Dead Can Dance evokes some of the feel of DWJ.
things that are both complex but somehow clear and which touch a deeper part
of me..."

	Yes, that's it.  That feeling of something forgotten for your whole
lifetime that you are now being reminded about.  It's something that surely
you wouldn't have wanted to forget, but what is it?  It's definitely
something, but it's inexplicable.  It's not any specific story the music
reminds me of, it's that sort of taste. That je ne sais quoi.

	This list regularly surpasses my wildest expectations!

	"Anyway, another song that reminds me of DWJ is...Unicorn set  by
> Tannahill Weavers, in the album Capernaum (or summat of the sort). My mom
> asked me what it reminded me of, and I said 'Cart and Cwidder,' which is
> exactly what it reminded her of."
> Note from "Mummy"
	"I played the song, asked her which DWJ book it reminded her of, and
> answered.  Amazing, isn't it?"
	I'm sold.  It will soon be mine!


	P.S. Another good singer for "je ne sais quoi" is Nusrat Fateh Ali
Khan (no relation to the demon hunting Kahns, so far as I know). I really
like the cd Night Song.

	"Such fragrance -
	from where,
	which tree?"
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