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It's also done as a gorgeous a cappella trio by The Voice Squad, on their
Good People All album. 

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>>I don't know which album of DCD it's on, but
>>my grandfather translated 'I am stretched on your grave' from the original
>>Irish, and then someone turned it into a song. I quite enjoyed their music.
>>It was different. And I like different. I like the background music, and I
>>just *love* 'I am stretched on your grave.' I don't know why, because it's
>>a bit spooky.
>it's at least on Toward the Within, which is a live album.  however, i think it
>was previously done by Sinead O'Connor, who i believe they give credit to in the
>liner notes.  i think i like the Dead Can Dance version the best.  :)  though my
>favorite of their songs is The Wind That Shakes the Barley...  a stark and
>well-told story with just Lisa Gerrard's gorgeous voice...
>i think i'd agree the Dead Can Dance evokes some of the feel of DWJ.
>things that are both complex but somehow clear and which touch a deeper part
>of me...
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