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Wed Sep 1 15:53:42 EDT 1999

I've been lurking on this list for a while and thought it was about to time
to introduce myself. I'm 14 years old and I have been reading Diana W. Jones
for about 4 years. My first DWJ book was Witch Week (I _think_) I loved but
I couldnt remember the name of the author for the longest time! When I
finally did, I fell in love. Not at first but gradually. She is now my
favorite author. I've read almost all of her books, including the "adult"
ones. The only one I havent read is Changeover and some one for little kids,
I forget what its called. My favorite DWJ book is Crown of Dalemark. It has
an implausible ending, but I love the characters, the plot, the way all the
previous books are united in it--everything really. Its one of the few books
that makes me depressed when I finish it. Some other favorites are the rest
of the books in the Dalemark series, especially Drowned Ammet. Mitt is one
of my favorite characters ever. My least favorite DWJ book is probably
Homeward was just too depressing. To me, what happened
to--what was his name? Jamie?-was the worst thing that could happen to
you--be doomed to wander forever seeing your friends grow older and
older....until you are all alone. Oh well. I still liked it, it is DWJ after
all. As a side note, once I found a book called Homeward Bound-the main
character in it has the same name as the hero in Homeward Bounders. Strange,
yes? =p Hmmm, what else to say.  I'm a person who likes to discuss things
and find hidden meanings so this list is a godsend for me....Thank you
deborah! And every1 else who posts to this list =p


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