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Wed Sep 1 15:23:40 EDT 1999

In High School, when Mommy and Daddy seemed just plain wrong. It had been
building since maybe 5th or 6th grade, I spent much of my childhood being
annoyed at not being taken seriously and the rest being annoyed at being
taken too seriously. 

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.


>The question is, how do people address their parents?
>DWJ has a wide spectrum (see the short story "Carruthers" for a discussion of
>the point), but as a child and right through my teens I always called them
>"Mummy" and "Daddy".
>At about the time I went up to university I decided I wanted to find something
>less childish (is this really necessary?), and neither I nor my parents liked
>"Mum" and "Dad".  Not liking the formality of "Mother" and "Father", I
>eventually settled on "Mama" and "Papa", influenced by many novels by Georgette
>Heyer.  I was merely wondering if other people have had this dilemma, and if
>their reading has helped them solve it...
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