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Wed Sep 1 12:54:42 EDT 1999

> I have borrowed, via ILL, "Enchantress from the Stars" by Sylvia Louise
> Engdahl - prompted by many years of seeing this book reviewed lovingly in
> rec.arts.books.childrens and by the recent announcement that the book is
> being reprinted. I thought that before spending bigbucks on the new book I
> should at least see what its like.

Anita, you wonderful person!  The only book by Engdahl I have ever encountered
is "Heritage of the Star" - really excellent.  Now I have a handle on another...

> Well, the paperback cover of the version I've borrowed is most offputting.
> It looks like a scene from a really amateur high school play. The
> enchantress is dressed in her mother's aqua parachute silk track suit.
> Terwyn and Georyn have had their hair cut and blow dried for the occasion.
> Their homespun tunic and hose are clean and new. Terwyn's mother couldn't
> resist giving him a very blowsy, loose-sleeved shirt to wear under his
> tunic. They both look as though their swords are about to trip them up.

Interestingly, the cover of "Heritage" has a special place in my mind.  It was
what drew me to the book when I first read it, aged about 8 I think.  I then
completely forgot title and author, even though ideas from the book stayed with

A few years ago I spotted this book on a charity book stall, and I thought "that
cover reminds me of...."  And it was!

Interesting design, too.  Montage of painting and photo.  The perspective
doesn't match, but in some ways that merely adds to the otherworldliness.

> The book is also disappointing - so far everything is easy, predictable and
> foreshadowed so that there are no surprises for anyone.

Pity.  But if I find it I shall try it anyway...


PS I have just finished ploughing through the DWJ list e-mails after the bank
holiday.  So this may be the first of a spate of replies.  Then on to the other
lists to which I subscribe...

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