Hi ! Introduction and question!!

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Wed Sep 1 11:22:19 EDT 1999

Hi fellow DWJ fans!!

I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now so thought it best to announce
my prescence and say Hello!!

At secondary school I was taught by DWJ's youngest son in English, but never
realised this until shortly after I left!!

I have been a fan of DWJ since I was very small and love fantasy fiction, at
the moment I am re-reading Susan Coopers The Dark Is Rising Sequence, did
anyone else ever read that? It isn't standing up to the test of time and my
fond memories, I find all the characters very frustrating!!

As many of you on this list read "childrens books" I wondered if any of you
could help?

I am searching for a book about two young girls who discover an old
witchcratft book (this really exsists in read life!!) and have adventures in
an old house....this is all I can really remember I know, useless!! But it
has always tugged at my memory and I just *wish* I could remember it's name.
Oh well, worth a shot anyway!!

Look forward to reading much more discussion!


Manga xxx

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REALLY interesting next time!
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