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Wed Sep 1 10:47:39 EDT 1999

	Anita wrote:

	"As I'm still thinking about the two Dalemark books I'd be reluctant
> recommend them outright. I think in both of them I spent a lot of time
> waiting for something to happen then they ended! (OK, there's more to them
> that...and they are the opposite of Fire and Hemlock and Hexwood in that
> respect.)"
	Oh, I can't help but be anxious on behalf of the Dalemark books!
But it's true that the first three Dalemarks have a different taste to them
than other dwj works.  I'm a fanatic about those three books (esp. Drowned
Ammet), so perhaps I should refrain from spluttering and gesticulating.
	Someone was commenting about True State of Affairs being a mood
piece - I see it as dwj being a new tourist to the land of Dalemark, if you
know what I mean.  She's sort of easing into this strange country in the
story and imagining what it's like, getting details down.  That's how I
picture it - saddest story.  I couldn't believe where it ended.

> I'd like to read Howl before Castle in the Air (which is on my shelves),
> but should I wait until I've read Spellcoats before I tackle Crown of
> Dalemark (which I've just bought)?
	Well, since you will probably read them more than once I don't
suppose it's crucial to read Spellcoats first, but I do think you would want
to read it first.  First of all, it's amazing and wonderful.  On top of
that, characters in it are highly relevant to Crown.  On the other hand, I
have been known to read books backward or out from the middle to make them
more interesting (never need to with dwj), so I can imagine it being an
interestingly different perspective to get your first look at some
Spellcoats people in Crown - very interesting.  In fact, that might be
highly desirable - to meet them later in their lives first before you get to
know them well.  So maybe you should read Crown first  ;)  lol!  I'm no


	"Fortune presents gifts not according to the Book.
	When you expect flutes it's whistles.
	When you expect whistles, flutes."
	-- D.C.D.
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