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[Star Wars: The Phantom Menace]

> And perhaps someone could explain to me why the first concern of a
> female political leader in flight is her wardrobe?

Because, in Amidala's case, the wardrobe is an important part of her
security arrangements.

> I haven't seen so many costume changes since cruising the Barbie
> aisle at Toys-R-Us.

...and all the ones I can remember are on Coruscant, where it's
possible they keep spare clothes at the embassy.

I don't remember her having even a change of clothes when they boarded
the ship they left Naboo on.

> But I find disturbing the message going out to hundreds and
> thousands of little boys and girls all over the world, that the only
> thing girls are allowed to think about is looking nice, while boys
> get to fight, fly exciting vehicles, and grow up to be defenders or
> rulers of the universe (Jedi knights and politicians.)

In TPM there are women who fight, women who fly spacecraft (exciting
and otherwise), and at least one woman who will grow up to be a
significant figure in the history of the galaxy.

This seems like a pretty good record, considering.

[moving on to other topics]

> (I think I would come back as a cat.  They seem to have their
> priorities straight... Nap, wake up, stretch, prowl, eat, groom,
> snooze, wake up, play with catnip mouse, taunt dog, groom, eat,
> nap, nap, nap.)

...catch fleas, get force-bathed, get your anti-wotsit shots, ... :)

"...the greater part of my wardrobe is black... it's a sensible
 colour. It goes with anything. Well, anything black."
  - Neil Gaiman

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