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Sun Oct 31 18:49:00 EST 1999

Hallie wrote:

"It suddenly occurred to me that this [Polly's] was a heroic approach.
The hero's quest is not about personal motives, but seeing that Justice or
Right is served."

I so hugely agree. And what irks me is that this kind of honourableness
has been described as "male" by even very intelligent writers like
Robertson Davies (Canadian gentleman)--let alone the people who commit
screenplays/stories for so many adventure movies, in which the hero's
girlfriend/wife spends all her time urging the hero not to risk either
himself or his family for the sake of honour.  (Not that I don't
understand her point of view; but to label honour as male and personal
motives as female motivation seems ... well... inaccurate and unjust in a
particularly annoying way.)

Please excuse my little rant,


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