Hello, dwj list :-)

CCHANG at trailing-edge.com CCHANG at trailing-edge.com
Sat Oct 30 17:38:49 EDT 1999

De-lurking here...

It's great to see a list devoted to DWJ! One of my favorite authors,
ever since I read _Dogsbody_ (still my favorite of her books even now)
when I was in elementary school...she was the first author to make
it to my Must-search-out-and-buy list. This was more exciting in the
days when I had to figure out bus routes and walk and so on, as opposed
to now, when I can order them on Amazon.com, but oh well. :-)

(I still have the reflex of looking for DWJ books whenever I visit
a bookstore, though...)

She fell off my must-buy list with _A Sudden Wild Magic_...I was
so disappointed by that book. :-( Haven't ever been able to bring myself
to read it again. But, but, I loved _Deep Secret_.

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading the discussions here, and kept thinking
that I'd join in some time when I was feeling more caught up. :-)

--- Celeste Chang
cchang at trailing-edge.com

P.S. Does Chrestomanci remind anyone else of Darcy in _Pride and Prejudice_,
or is it just me?
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