Where is everyone?

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Thu Oct 21 09:27:11 EDT 1999

At 9:53 PM +1100 21/10/99, Sally Odgers wrote:
>Where is everyone on the DWJ list?
>It seems horribly quiet out here...

Well, amongst other things I have been quietly enjoying Howl's Moving
Castle, Castle in the Air, Dogsbody and The Lives of Christopher Chant -
all for the first time.

And reading, and looking after children and working and having school
holidays. You know...life.

Actually, I thought I must have been unsubscribed because last time I
noticed there was lots of traffic...and now nothing.

(who perhaps could write her impressions of those books. Actually I think
reading about Howl's MC on this list somewhat spoiled my first read of
it...but as noone has ever said much about Castle in the Air I enjoyed it

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