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Wed Oct 6 12:39:26 EDT 1999

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999 21:36:54 +0800, Anita Graham wrote:

>At 11:03 PM +0800 5/10/99, Paul Andinach wrote:
>>Which reminds me...
>>Local Author Plug :
>>Dave Luckett.
>>Remember the name. You'll have to, his books haven't been released
>>outside Australia yet...
>>His latest trilogy is high fantasy, and explores (over the course of a
>>cracking story) the idea of the evil overlord - where do these people
>>come from? What drives them to lay large areas of land to waste and
>>consort with monstrous beasts?
>>It's been highly acclaimed, as much as any fantasy work ever is in
>Titles? available from? Dymocks? or specialist shops?

I was looking around online last night and found a bookstore in Perth called
A Touch of Strange.  It looks like they are just beginning to establish an
online ordering system, because you have to email them or go in to the
store.  But a VERY cursory search turned up at least the first and third
books in the series Paul mentioned for sale at this store.  The URL is:

You'll probably have better luck finding them than I will, since you're
actually Down There.

Melissa Proffitt
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