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Tue Nov 30 12:20:23 EST 1999

	"I guess this would be a good time to introduce myself (I've been
> for a while, but I might as well come out of the closet - you all seem
> like such nice people)."
	Hiya Clara and welcome out of the lurker closet.  You know, I don't
think I've ever read a Sayers book.  I'd better get cracking.  I've really
only read Christie out of the mystery genre.

	But first, and I never really get tired of mentioning this author -
a new book has just come out (can only speak for the U.S.) by Judith Merkle
Riley - called The Master of All Desires.  It appears to be a sort of
Pandora's box and/or Faust story set in the 16th century, with Catherine
de'Medici and Nostradamus (one of whom, at least, is sure to be *pungently
evil* in fine Merkle Riley fashion) ranged against our heroine, an aspiring
woman of letters.  I can barely wait!  I may re-read every sentence to make
it last longer.  I know I tout this author tirelessly but I think she has
many elements in common with dwj, not least of which being that they both
seem to tell their tales with glee.  Think Gwendolen at church and it is
also the flavor of a Riley book.

	I hope to converse more on dwj in the near future (and catch up on
some contributions & threads) meanwhile - read on!


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