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Tue Nov 30 01:25:04 EST 1999

Yay!  Yet another Diana Wynne Jones and Dorothy Sayers fan!  How splendid!

One of my friends and I became friends suddenly, over a vile
cafeteria lunch, as we were randomly chatting about people with large
collections of given names, and
all of a sudden and simultaneously we were struck by the same idea and we
shouted "Peter Death Bredon Whimsey", to the confusion of most people
around us. This autumn another friend of mine and I insisted that she [my
friend the Sayers fan] read "Cart and Cwidder", and she loved it.  

And my best friend, who introduced me to Diana Wynne Jones, has at my
insistence read "Strong Poison", and also liked it a lot.

Too little has been written of the delights of literary matchmaking.


On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Clara Chen wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Paul Andinach wrote:
> > Oh good. An excuse for me to reread it again.
> > As soon as I've finished "Clouds of Witness". It's only halfway
> > through, and the detective's sister has already confessed to the
> > murder...
> Oh, hoorah!  Another Dorothy Sayers fan!  (And Pratchett?  And Diana Wynne
> Jones, of course!  I think I've found heaven.)
> I guess this would be a good time to introduce myself (I've been lurking
> for a while, but I might as well come out of the closet - you all seem
> like such nice people).
> <stands up bashfully>
> My name is Clara, and I'm a DWJ fan....  Actually, a fan of books in
> general, but DWJ in particular.  I think I first read _Magicians of
> Caprona_ when I was about nine, and haven't really stopped reading DWJ
> since.  I've since grown to the ripe old age of 23, and despite having a
> Real Job doing research in the medical field, I regularly hide under the
> bedclothes with a good book.  Hello, all!
> <sits down again>
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