quiet list and suberic problems

deborah deborah at suberic.net
Tue Nov 2 22:18:36 EST 1999

Hi all!  Two things were going on at once with the list.  One was
just that the list quieted down for a time.  The other was that
there *were* sopme bizarre intermitten technical problems, but
that they only affected some parts of the internet, so I didn't
realise they were happening.  (For the technically minded out
there, internic had two correct and one bogus entry for suberic's
name service, and some sites were querying the bogus entry.)

In any case, all is now well.

On the dwj front, I've finished my thesis (yahoo!) and apparently
I've graduated and all.  I ended up writing about Howl's, Goon,
and Witch Week.

Finally read Harry Potter.  I thought Dahl did it better, DWJ
does it better, but hey, it was a fun read.

deborah at suberic.net
Start a revolution.  Stop hating your body.

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