Archer's Goon questions -- spoiler alert!

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> When Awful, with the instinct of younger siblings to go pester their
> older ones, finds Howard up in the 100 years in the future Venturus
> Temple, she only ages to a young woman.  Does this mean she will
> live longer than normal humans, due to her Hathaway ancestry on both
> sides?

But Howard only ages to a young man. I don't think the aging on the
stairway by the same amount as the actual time difference.

> Lastly, some people have speculated that the parents of the 7 were
> Titans.  In my misspent youth I was very into mythology, but I just
> can't connect Titans with this book in any way.  Any other
> speculations?  Archer said the 7 were from Elsewhere.  Not too
> helpful, dang him.

I think the seven are just recognisable mythic archetypes, not based
on anyone in particular.

(Unlike, say, a certain character in The Homeward Bounders, who is
unmistakeably a Titan. But then The Homeward Bounders is that kind of

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