Archer's Goon questions -- spoiler alert!

EstairM at EstairM at
Mon Nov 1 23:55:45 EST 1999

Dear all,

Have recently re-read Archer's Goon for the umpteenth time, and something 
finally hit me -- a question that never occurred before.  I feel kinda 

When Awful, with the instinct of younger siblings to go pester their older 
ones, finds Howard up in the 100 years in the future Venturus Temple, she 
only ages to a young woman.  Does this mean she will live longer than normal 
humans, due to her Hathaway ancestry on both sides?

There is no indication elsewhere in the book that people descended from 
Hathaway have any very unusual gifts, or will someone disagree?

Lastly, some people have speculated that the parents of the 7 were Titans.  
In my misspent youth I was very into mythology, but I just can't connect 
Titans with this book in any way.  Any other speculations?  Archer said the 7 
were from Elsewhere.  Not too helpful, dang him.

Thanks, all.
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