Chrestomanci Comparisons

Mon Nov 1 16:23:10 EST 1999

Chrestomanci and Navis...heh, that's very true!

But Peter Wimsey? Hmm, somehow, he always felt different in my mind.
A different shape in my head, or something. He burbles, and seems
less aloof than Chrestomanci. All great characters, but I could
never really see myself as the women who fall in love with them
and marry them. :-) I don't think I'd get along with any of them
that well in real life. Not like some of the others of DWJ's characters.

And to those who didn't get along with the Dalemark quartet,
heh. :-) Reread? I read _Spellcoats_ first, and didn't like it
that much the first time, but now I love it! I love the way
DWJ combines the mythical and the nitty-gritty family details.

_Cart and Cwidder_ and _Drowned Ammet_ felt "historical" rather
than "mythical".  I still like the musicians in C&C. In fact,
I really love the way DWJ can portray musicians and people
struggling with music. (I am an amateur violinist, and I was
going "Yes! Yes! Exactly!" and laughing in sympathy with Howard
in _Archer's Goon_.)

Celeste Chang
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