Chrestomanci Comparisons

Lisa Maurice lmaurice at
Mon Nov 1 15:01:01 EST 1999

Oh yes! yes! yes!

Now I know why I like Mr. Darcy so much!  It's just a same he doesn't know
he's an enchanter isn't it?  Though the thought of what he'd do if he did
realise is terryifying...


At 13:12 31/10/99 -0500, alexandra.bolintineanu at wrote:
>Yes, Chrestomanci does remind me of Mr. Darcy in several ways.  First,
>they look very much alike, though Chrestomanci is a little taller.  (Don't
>mind me; I tend to get enormously opinionated about what characters in
>books look like.)  Second, they're both highly impressive, awe-inspiring
>gentlemen (and I use that unfortunately over-used word advisedly).  Third,
>they do tend to make decisions in a rather high-handed,
>I-know-best-and-needn't-consult-the-people-involved manner (though
>Chrestomancy's job is rather an excuse for that).
>But on the whole I do think Chrestomanci has a livelier sense of the
>absurd, if not of humour, than Mr. Darcy (witness the flamboyant
>peacock-coloured morning coats).
>P.S.  Since we're into comparisons:  Is it just me, or does Chrestomanci
>occasionally remind one of Peter Wimsey?  (Or is it just both gentlemen's
>passion for extravagant morning coats?)
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