Chrestomanci Comparisons

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Nov 1 09:28:58 EST 1999

> Anyway, read Drowned Ammet and Crown of Dalemark (and Spellcoats and Cart
> Cwidder, of course).

Ah! I see it all... I never could get on with that series for some reason.
Maybe one day I'll go off with the four of them and no other reading matter
on a very long and boring bus ride... I'm sure I could read them in those
circs. I did read Spellcoats once, but it just didn't do what DWJ usually
does. I didn't find myself smiling as I read. And I'm the one who advises
people to have another go at Sudden Wild Magic! 

"I have never, personally, seen either a slave or a tart at a cocktail
party." (Victoria Murray. R.O.L.)

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