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Amaya Booker amaya at
Mon Nov 1 08:31:46 EST 1999

Has anyone else come across the current Beech Tree Books printings of
various of DWJ's books?

I recently picked up a brand spanking new copy of Time of the Ghost having
seen a copy only at my high school library (and even then it was one of the
first prints and damn old). Speaking of which my high school avidly bought
DWJ which was nice and as a consequence I managed to score a copy of Fantasy
Stories, free..... bwahahahahahahah.

I've also seen BTBs reprints of the Chrestomanci books, complete with sexy
looking 1920s style art deco covers. These also appear to have been printed
as a set with a "Chrestomanci Novel" banner across each book. The only
problem I have with this print is that it is of the larger novel format,
which can make your collection look a bit odd.

who else was from Brisbane here... I saw you earlier this week... mail me
privately maybe we could do coffee?

The adult world is filled with tension. Regain the child within.
 Pull a colleague's hair and when she yells "Argh! He HURT me!"
 remember to yell back "But she started it!"

I'm not a goth, they're too pretentious, I'm above that.

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