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Carolyn Hotchkiss carolynh at capecod.net
Mon Nov 1 00:31:14 EST 1999

> (I have the American version. Ick. I hate when publishers decide
> to "Americanize" books. Were DWJ's books ever Americanized?

To some extent. I have a copy of _Eight Days of Luke_ where, when Astrid
gives the package to David, it's "cookies" but when he feeds them to the
raven, they've reverted to "biscuits". (or maybe it was the other way
around) In the version (also American) that the library has, they stay

But nothing drastic, I don't think.

 I hope
> not...I'd have to go track down all the originals, then! And I don't
> see how they could have Americanized the cricket references, which
> were what I always found most confusing.

Weren't they though!

> Anyway, I suppose it's good that DWJ's books haven't been hyped to
> such an extent...

I'll agree with you there! Too much hype really cheapens a book.

> > And there are some really good little things in it - we still say
> > "it's trying to rain" when it's, well, trying to rain. Even if
> > there's no witch stopping it :-)
> Yes, true, DWJ always has good little things in her books. :-)
> And I've never been able to reread _Witch Week_ or _Time of the Ghost_
> straight through, either. I like them, but I find them too intense to
> read all in one gulp.

Well, you can always take breaks. I found _Time of the Ghost_ really
improved on rereading.


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