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> Which titles of DWJ do you find enticing? I have a thing about
titles, and
> I can't find much correspondence between Diana's. The following are
> books I own -

I think most of her titles are cool and enticing. But then again, I'm
relatively new here. Even if I did read Dogsbody way back in the
1970s. At the time, I didn't know that DWJ was so respected and
beloved, even by adult lovers (and gasp, critics!) of fantasy. When I
first read about DWJ, I didn't realize that I had already read one of
her novels until a year or two later. At the time I read Dogsbody, if
I'd known she had all those other books, I might have looked for more.

In the past year, I've been catching up. I have "Darklord of Delkhelm"
(in my TBR pile) and, of course, "The Tough Guide to Fantasyland."
Recently, because of the recommendations on a reading list, I bought
"Charmed Life." Before I finished it, I bought the rest of the books
in the series. I almost panicked because the bookstore didn't seem to
have "The Lives of Christopher Chant," the one I was most looking
forward to reading. Luckily, I turned around and found it, misshelved.
At least I think it was luck...

> On a related subject; which author has the best hit-rate with good

How about Sean Russell's "Beneath the Vaulted Hills" and "Compass of
the Soul"?

I think the Gothic romance authors in general had a great touch with
titles. I also like sword and sorcery titles that give a good
impression of the story. If I'm trying to decide what to write next,
writing down titles can be a great way to get the juices flowing. I
once some titles I'd created (while still in high school!) as a
writing exercise. I'd created both Gothic and sword and sorcery
titles -- and some of the titles were just as enticing today as they
were all those eons ago. (OK, some of them -- such as "Gorok and the
Fort of Blood" and "The Banshee Cries at Mornbride" -- were not
exactly subtle. ;->)

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