Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Sat Jul 31 19:30:24 EDT 1999

+ Heh heh, but sometimes a title can warn you right off.  For example, a
+ while ago at the local bookstore, I stumbled across Acorna (something
+ further like Adventure of the Unicorn Girl - I was already beyond reason
+ after the first word. I may have missed the rest).  I was halfway across
+ the store before I could drag myself back to sanity with an effort of
+ will, so mighty was the force of repulsion.

I think it's the Anne McCaffrey/Margaret Ball header that might put off 
people. "Acorna" should mean "Without a Horn", though, shouldn't it?
Anne McCaffrey is soft on horsies and kids and fuzzy warm societies where
the temperamental genius is advanced and the dregs of society deserve to
be at the bottom, the unambitious talentless scum.

I agree that titles are important. For me, authors are more crucial.

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